Book, The World's Assault Rifles


The World's Assault Rifles       
By Gary Paul Johnston &
Thomas B. Nelson

  •  Hardback with Cover, 1280 pages with Illustrations
  •  228.6 x 335.28 x 68.58mm | 3,832.84g
  •  Ironside International Publishers,U.S.
  •  United States
  •  English

  The four decades since the original edition of The World's Assault Rifles was published have seen an exponential increase in the design and development of this genre of infantry weapon.
  When the acknowledged dean of military small-arms historians teamed with one of America's top hands-on gun writers to do a complete, decade-long revision of this classic volume, the synergism from their friendship and combined expertise produced what will be known as a landmark event in small-arms publishing.
  The reputations and professionalism of the authors gained them unprecedented access to classified archives, to corporate and private collections, to military collections and museums, plus the unstinting cooperation of expert colleagues the world over, which has resulted in a monumental body of research that may well have been impossible for any other team to assemble.  From this wealth of data the authors successfully have worked to present a cornucopia of more than 70 chapters comprising more than 1,200 thoroughly indexed pages with nearly 2,000 illustrations on the topic.
  With technical and design data starting from the early 1900's to what is on the drawings boards for tomorrow, this encyclopedic volume covers every facet of the assault rifle - all within a lively and detailed historical perspective that brings the subject into three-dimensional focus - to create the best volume ever published on the topic.  Although this exhaustive revision was 10 years in the making, it remains clearly written, incredibly well researched, stunningly illustrated. 
  Any one of this volume's many sections would alone be worth the price of the book, such as the coverage of World War II German developments, or the insider's story of the Stoner developments, or the candid behind-the-scenes story of developments in the USSR and Russia, or in China - or of myriad small players previously unheralded for assault rifles development or production.
  Some published works are so long anticipated and so well wrought that they become the standard reference in their field the day they roll off the press.  This new edition of The World's Assault Rifles is such a book.
  As the earlier edition was before it, this new volume represents the definitive work, and one of the cornerstone volumes for any small-arms library.